Whether you're travelling for business or for pleasure, Payscanner can help you to get the best deal on your foreign payments. We're able to transfer any amount between any country or currency, giving you a much better rate than you will find on the high street.

Because we compare prices across a number of payment providers, rather than just a single provider as most banks will do, we're able to shop around on your behalf and find the best price on the market, something that you can't get on the high street or from your bank.

Make your first transaction with us today and see how easy it is to save on your foreign payments.

Corporate, SME and Charity

Our corporate services can benefit both large and small companies that make regular foreign payments. The savings that can be made by lowering forex costs and getting the best deal can be huge, and we help companies and charities of all sizes realise these savings through Payscanner.

Whether you want to make a one-off transaction or integrate Payscanner into your payment and accounting systems, our fully bespoke approach means that we can fit seamlessly into your internal processes and start saving you money on your forex transactions instantly.

You will also have an account manager on hand who will discuss your requirements and guide you through the set-up process so that Payscanner is working optimally for your business. They will provide live and real-time updates and tracking, so you know exactly where your money is at any given time and will remove the hassle that can accompany cross-border payments.

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Traders and Fintech

Payscanner helps ForEx traders and fintech companies that operate with cross-border payments run more efficiently and more profitably. If you operate a high volume of cross-border payments, high fees are costing you a lot of money.

With effortless integration into third party tools, Payscanner can instantly connect you with the best market price, meaning you can continue to complete international payments in the same way but see huge savings by getting the competitive rates. Rather than working with one provider like most banks, our technology takes your transaction and compares the price between multiple providers, ensuring you get the best deal on the market.

To learn more about how we can integrate into your systems and start saving you money, contact us today.