You control how you use our platform with the flexibility to adjust the levels of management given to your account users and decide how much you want to do online or with your currency specialist.

If you could get them to work on the 'Payscanner International Payments and Currency Transfers' Tab on your home page which brings your clients through a landing page introduces our exclusive Partnership ...

Reduce Your Costs

One of the complexities of transacting internationally, and a hidden cost, is the transfer of funds to your required destination. You will be unavoidably exposed to foreign exchange markets and inherent currency risk.

Our foreign partner matching will route you to the payment partners who will manage your transaction, contain risk, and reduce your costs. Preferential Services
* Payscanner clients will experience a superior service through the client support division, and your dedicated account manager will ensure you have all the information you need to stay in control. This will include live and real-time updates and tracking.
* Payscanner offers a higher quality personal service, at a lower cost than traditional foreign exchange channels, including the high street banks. You will receive individual attention, a single point of contact and competitive exchange rates.

How does it work?


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Create transaction
in real-time in secure portal.

Lock in a rate of exchange.

You make the payment
via bank transfer.

We send the payment to the
beneficiary provided by yourself.