Cross Border Payments – Payable

With partners operating in 35 countries, PayScanner allows you to effortlessly make payments in virtually any currency at the competitive rates. Our proprietary systems scan the market for the competitive rates available at the exact time you need to make payment. It's simple, fast and secure by design.

Cross Border Payments - Receivable

PayScanner can also be used in the reverse. If you need to collect funds nominated in a foreign currency, our system will again find the competitive rates and then allow you to collect your payment safely and securely. There's no longer any need to be tied to one provider for cross border invoices receivable – PayScanner can find the best partner for you in that area, too.

One Time KYC

Another pain point which is eased by PayScanner is the need to continually resubmit data to comply with KYC (Know Your Customer) regulations. Every time you want to take advantage of a rate offered by a new provider, you must go through the KYC process every time. Not with PayScanner.

We will store your KYC information in our secure database and - with your permission only - we will pass this information along to the processors you have chosen to do business with. Therefore, you only need add your KYC data once – PayScanner will take care of every submission thereafter.

Global Knowledge Bank

The knowledge and experience gained in our decade and a half in the global payments market is baked deeply into the PayScanner portal by design. Markets change of course - and you can rest assured that our team and product are constantly evolving too. That way, we promise that - by using PayScanner - you will in effect be ‘future proofed' to any changes that occur as the markets continue to develop. We'll always be on top of the latest regulations and developments, and that means you will be too.

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